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Bitcoin will receive capital equivalent to a tsunami, says Tyler Winklevoss

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Gemini’s billionaire founder, Tyler Winklevoss, says Bitcoin will receive a tsunami in terms of capital amounts.

Exchange Gemini co-founder Tyler Winklevoss says Bitcoin will soon receive a „tsunami“ of capital. In a text on his Twitter social network account, he said that the recent investments by Square and MicroStrategy are just the beginning.

It should be remembered that last week, the technological giant Square, founded by Jack Dorsey, announced the purchase of Bitcoin, equivalent to 50 million dollars. Dorsey is also CEO and co-founder of Twitter.

Weeks before this investment, another large company, the service firm MicroStrategy, made transactions for Bitcoin. These would have been the equivalent of $475 million.

The beginning of the capital tsunami that Bitcoin will receive

For the mentioned investor, the operations of these two firms are just the beginning. In that sense, he believes that many more companies will join similar moves, which means that Bitcoin will receive capital in large amounts.

Recently, Tyler assured that the most important of the crypto currencies is stronger than ever. All of this, in his opinion, is due to the current inflationary trend in the world’s major economies.

On this last point, a report published in the Fox Business portal should be brought up, where the consequences of inflation are beginning to be evident. „If you feel that the prices of everything you buy have been rising, it is because they have,“ they say.

As a consequence of the crisis that accelerated the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States Federal Reserve announced a plan to increase liquidity. It consisted of printing up billions of dollars, which would allow the economy to stay afloat.
Square and MicroStrategy are, in Winklevoss‘ opinion, the first investments of a capital tsunami to be received by Bitcoin.Square and MicroStrategy are, in Winklevoss‘ opinion, the first investments of a capital tsunami to be received by Bitcoin.

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More visionary leaders will come

For the millionaire founder of Gemini, Bitcoin will receive capital from more visionary investors. He sees the weaknesses in the traditional financial system as an encouragement for the most popular of crypto currencies to be seen as a valuable asset.

Aside from Square and MicroStrategy, he writes, „tomorrow a new visionary leader will appear, and then another and another… a tsunami is coming. It is also important to note that these firms have benefited in terms of their actions.

Since they made this investment in Bitcoin, both firms have notably recovered their balance sheets, explains the portal.

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Beyond the optimism of an enthusiast

Many may think that Tyler Winklevoss is not a very objective authority on this kind of prediction. This is because of his proven sympathies with Bitcoin.

Nevertheless, the chances of the veracity of this judgment are high, according to the opinion of Andrew Kang, founder of Mechanism Capital. This investor agrees that Bitcoin will receive significant amounts of capital.

As a result, he says that the background for institutional investment has never been so strong. All of this, he explains, could attract dozens of large investors to Bitcoin.

To support this statement, Kang lists a number of related trends. Among them is the low volatility of the crypt-currency market.
Facts to Keep in Mind

The recovery in terms of shares of Square and MicroStrategy after having invested in Bitcoin, can attract other large investors.
Tyler Winklevoss believes that these two companies and the investment of part of their capital in Bitcoin is just the beginning of a tsunami that is coming.
Between the two companies mentioned, they invested more than $500 million in Bitcoin.
The inflationary trend of the economy could be one of the reasons for investors to seek refuge in Bitcoin.